One of my favorite movies of recent years is Man of Steel.  If you know me, you know that I’m a big Superman fan, and the latest movie did a phenomenal job of rebooting the franchise (which really needed it, especially after the last movie).

There are so many things I could point to as leadership truths and principles from this movie – truly – but here are a couple that jumped out.

1. “Endless debates lead to nothing.”  General Zod said this to Jor-El as Jor-El tried to talk him out of leading a coup against the Kryptonian government.  Have you ever been in a meeting where the debate goes on and on and on, and NOTHING gets accomplished?  Endless debates lead to nothing.  One of my goals for every discussion in a meeting I’m in is to get to a point of resolution, where tasks or projects can be assigned to someone who is then responsible for them.  Without that, it’s just endless talking.

2. “A good death is it’s own reward.” –Faora-Ul.  Leaders understand this.  How we lead, not just out of the gate, but all the way to the finish line, matters.  Too many leaders sprint out great and then sizzle out.  The apostle Paul taught us that finishing well is critically important.  Leaders lead knowing they are in a marathon, not a sprint.

3. “People are afraid of what they don’t understand.”  –Jonathan Kent.  Think about this in the context of change.  Any leader who’s tried to lead an organization through change understands that people are afraid of what they don’t understand.  They don’t always see how what could be is better than what is – the leader’s job is to help them understand that.  That’s what visioncasting is all about – helping people understand what could be and why it should be.

4.  “There is more at stake here than just our lives.  It is the lives around us.”  –Jonathan Kent.  In the context of what I do, this one hits home.  57% of Fairfax county residents are religiously unaffiliated – they don’t know Jesus.  And they are facing a life now and an eternity apart from God, who loves them more than they can imagine.  It’s far too easy for followers of Jesus in our culture to just blend in, be like everyone else, and forget that we are here in this place for a reason.  There is more at stake here than just living our lives like everyone else.  It is the lives around us.  They matter to God and to us, and we have to do whatever it takes to connect them with Jesus.

Those four really made me think.  What quotes do you remember that impacted you?


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