Every Friday, I want to share with you some links to blogs and online resources that I find helpful.  I’m only going to share with you resources that I’ve read/used and found relevant and useful – hopefully you’ll be able to utilize them in your own leadership.

Leadership Digital – one of the best aggregators of online articles about leadership that I’ve found – I get their emails and always look through them for helpful content

Leadership Journal – the best magazine I get in the mail on this topic.  They have a lot of  resources at their online presence as well.

Brian Dodd on Leadership – Brian’s content comes to my inbox, and usually has at least one nugget that makes me think and evaluate my own leadership decisions and processes.

Leadership Freak – Dan Rockwell writes on the topic of leadership, and I’ve found his articles to be very thought provoking and challenging.

John Maxwell Company Blog – John Maxwell is, well, John Maxwell.  How many books on leadership has he written?  Every one teaches me something.

What are some leadership resources that you’ve found helpful?  Share in the comments below!


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