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This week’s episode of the Catalytic Leadership Podcast:

Charting the Course of Authentic Leadership: Adam Sinkus on Earning Authority and Cultivating Culture

Discover the alchemy of authentic leadership with Adam Sinkus, the mastermind behind A Purpose Partnership and the Winning Tactics podcast. Adam shares a candid tale of ascension through the ranks, challenging the notion that leadership is simply a reward for high performance. Instead, he unveils the true requisites of command: trust, respect, and earned authority. Delve into Adam’s revolutionary anti-agency business model, an antidote to the bait-and-switch of senior figures selling dreams only to pass the baton to less seasoned teams. His ethos? Ensuring that strategic direction and expert oversight aren’t just promised—they’re delivered.

Feel the pulse of your organization with the ACES framework, an ingenious tool to synchronize the heartbeat of executives and frontline employees. We dissect the startling statistics of cultural disconnection, and how Acknowledgment, Cultivation, Empowerment, and Success can be the compass leading to common ground. In this high-energy exchange, we unravel the transformative strategy of marrying passion with training, and how a positive spin on post-mortem meetings can set the stage for a future-forward mindset. Communication is not just a thread but the very fabric that binds a thriving corporate culture, and Adam will guide you through making every interaction with your team a stepping stone to collective triumph.

As the conversation deepens, we lace the talk of leadership and culture with strands of personal growth. From the importance of humility to the balance of profitability and the human element, we leave no stone unturned. Transparency and authenticity emerge as non-negotiable leadership traits, with Adam and I sharing our own vulnerabilities and growth spurts. The books that sculpt our philosophies find mention, inviting listeners to continue the journey beyond the airwaves. Leadership is a service, not a spotlight; it’s about inspiring and empowering, not directing. If you’re seeking to ignite a spark in your path or to fan the flames of your existing leadership style, Adam’s insights are your kindling.

3 Books I’m Reading This Week

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson

Tom Clancy’s Command and Control by Marc Cameron

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

2 Quotes That Grabbed My Attention

“Always have a plan for catastrophic success.” –Bradley Grimm

“I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen I like to make them happen.” –Winston Churchill

1 Resource That You Might Find Helpful

“If you talk to most leaders today—young leaders, older leaders, and pretty much everyone in between, they’re tired. Fatigued. Exhausted. Depleted. What’s weird is that everyone thought it would get better once COVID became less of a factor, but it didn’t. The restrictions and immediate crisis may have lifted, but the fatigue never did.” Check out this article by Carey Nieuwhof with 5 powerful time management strategies that most leaders still miss.


As we enter 2024 and look ahead, many leaders are feeling overwhelmed. How can we ensure that 2024 will be different – and better – than 2023? How can you get out of your own way and take steps to become the leader that your team and your company need you to be? It’s not just going to happen. It takes intentionality. And that’s where coaching comes in.

As an Executive Coach specializing in Mindset and Leadership, I work with entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and C-suite leaders who want to become catalytic in their leadership. Through 1:1 coaching, my clients move from where they are stuck to where they want to be.

For January, I currently have 1 slot available for new clients. I don’t accept every person who approaches me about coaching; in fact, I turn down those who I believe are not ready or a good fit for what I do. If you’d like to explore whether Executive Coaching is your next step toward the impact you want to make, let’s talk. No hard sales pitch. If it’s not right for both of us, I’ll tell you so. My goal is to help leaders get out of their own way, stop breaking their own businesses and teams, and move into being catalytic in their impact and their legacy. If you’re ready, book a time for us to talk.


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