Releasing Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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“Catalytic Leadership is the result of decades of disciplined learning and execution. It is accessible and offers avenues of application for leaders of all varieties and scope. This volume necessarily bridges the spheres of conceptual leadership and the relentless daily grind of actually leading others and self. Dr. Attaway’s burden for humble leadership and organizations that are characterized by the same humility and clarity resonates throughout every chapter. The tenets found in these pages are tried, proven, and worthy of revisiting regularly.”

–Dr. Mike Watson, Senior Associate Pastor of Ministries, Second Baptist Church, Springfield, MO

“William Attaway hit a ‘grand-slam home run’ with his new book, entitled Catalytic Leadership! There are many books on the topic of leadership these days, most of them striving to focus on one of the many, various aspects of this discipline. However, William takes on the very difficult task of providing a broader approach by describing the twelve keys to becoming an intentional leader that makes a difference. He hits this topic ‘out of the park,’ first of all, by carefully choosing twelve essential principles. Then, William examines each of these principles in a very practical, down-to-earth, easy-to- read fashion, weaving together the wisdom of a variety of the best leaders in the world. Every leader would benefit greatly from the strategic insights of this book.”

–Dee Whitten, Executive Director, Northstar Church Network

“You will not find a more dedicated, passionate, and thorough student of leadership than William Attaway. Catalytic Leadership provides an invaluable resource for all leaders, regardless of experience or industry, whereby they can take a deep look within and unleash personal and organizational transformation. Acknowledging his own leadership journey and struggles, William invites the reader to come alongside as he deftly synthesizes some of the best and most innovative leadership principles in practice today. At a time when leaders in all arenas face intense scrutiny and skepticism, this book outlines a refreshingly humble yet bold prescription for leadership success. My personal to-do list got dramatically revamped by this work, and thankfully so.”

–Kevin Skillin, U.S. Diplomat

“Are you looking to grow yourself, your team, or your organization? If so, then this is the book for you. Dr. Attaway lays out a clear, concise, path to becoming a ‘catalytic leader’ in this book. I love the combination of the 12 Keys that he teaches that are both common-sense and practically based. Self-awareness, intentionality, self-leadership, and accountability are great for personal and professional development, but Dr. Attaway really encourages that for true growth being a ‘river not a reservoir’ – developing other leaders and passing along what you’ve learned. Couldn’t recommend this book highly enough if you are truly looking to grow and develop as a leader who wants to make positive change!”

–David A. Miles, Ph.D., Founder | Principal, Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation

“William Attaway’s Catalytic Leadership is a must for anyone who is intentional about developing and growing as a leader. This book is not abstract ideology. It is a comprehensive roadmap to help us understand what it takes to inspire those we are privileged to lead. To become agents who can provoke significant and powerful impact. To become catalytic leaders. This book crystalises what William has learned as a leader, working with real leaders in the real world. As one who has worked under William for a number of years, I have had the privilege of experiencing catalytic leadership in action. If your goal is to be a great leader, this is the book is for you.”

–Rob Petrini, Executive Coach, Wilberforce Foundation / Senior Pastor, Hutt City Baptist Church, New Zealand