This week we have a Catalytic Leader Spotlight, interviewing Steve Kane! Grab a notepad and pen […]
Why on earth are we talking about family in a leadership podcast? What does family have […]
We’re continuing our Catalytic Leader Spotlight this week, interviewing Tommy Chamblee! Grab a notepad and pen […]
Two years ago, I heard Patrick Lencioni talk about a new framework that he was utilizing, […]
gas pump nozzle in the fuel tank of a white car refuel
I love to read, to learn, and to grow. It’s a rare day I’m not reading […]
Today’s the first workday of the fourth quarter. Are you ready? What’s your plan? Will you […]
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Have you ever heard of the Bannister Effect? In the group mindset coaching call I lead […]
We’re starting something new with the podcast this week – a Catalytic Leader Spotlight, interviewing Jeannie […]
Every person on the planet is designed, on purpose, for a purpose—every person and every leader. […]
At this year’s Global Leadership Summit, I had the opportunity to learn from Deb Liu, the […]