Check out the news story here: “Once unopened, the scrolls are expected to shed new light […]
Next Friday (July 4) at 8 a.m. I’ll be running in the Firecracker 5K race at the […]
A friend of mine loaned me a book that she said was worth my time – […]
Thanks, Brittany!  She’s invited me into a chain-writing. nomination-based writing competition. Brittany was our first Chrysalis resident at SCC, […]
We took the girls to Arlington Cemetery this week, and as we walked the paths through […]
Watch the video above, and you’ll see an amazing example of impromptu collaboration.  My wife sent […]
Someone I know liked this post on Facebook this week (on the One Spark Foundation page), […]
I wrote a guest post that was published over at #BeALeader last Saturday on the topic of “Mistakes […]
I mentioned this earlier in the week, but the Lead Change Group blog is a great resource […]
There’s a great post from Mary Schaefer over on on “What Every Leader Should Know […]