This week I watched a free online web conference called “Preach Better Sermons.”  Speakers like Michael Hyatt, Judah Smith, Andy Stanley, and many others shared ideas and suggestions from their years of preaching experience – and it was free!  There was a TON of really great content, and I have some really practical notes – I just had to take the time to watch, listen, and learn.

It reminded me once again of the importance of intentionally investing in your leadership and skill sets.  In our day the opportunities abound.  It’s never been easier to learn from masters in whatever field you’re interested in, whether it’s preaching, public speaking, marketing, leadership, or some other discipline.  My inbox gets posts every day from leaders and teachers who share what they are currently learning.  I’ve been speaking weekly now for nearly a decade, but the truth is that the more I do it, the more I realize how much I have to learn.  Every one of us can get better and learn from others – but we have to take time to do so and have an intentional plan to get better at what we do.

Real leaders understand the truth that we can all get better.  Whatever we lead, wherever we lead, however many people we lead, we can all get better. And learning from others who are farther down the road than we are is a great way to avoid mistakes and go farther than we could alone.

Who are you learning from? How are you investing in your own leadership and skill sets?  What is your intentional plan to get better and go farther as a leader? 


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