We’re starting something new with the podcast this week – a Catalytic Leader Spotlight, interviewing Jeannie Moralist Smith! Grab a notepad and pen – you’re going to want to capture some great insights from Jeannie in this episode.

Jeannie is the founder of Dynamism Leadership, formerly HR-Rx, a Leadership Mindset and Organization Development Consulting firm established in 2005. Prior to becoming CEO, she held Executive Leadership roles at a variety of organizations. Now with over three decades of personal and professional experience, Jeannie has helped thousands of leaders learn how to take charge of the catabolic thoughts and feelings that control their mindset and replace them with anabolic energy. Jeannie holds certifications in Leadership Coaching, Energy Leadership, & Human Management, as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Resources.

Jeannie’s clients state that she has helped them enhance their relationships, both personally and professionally, with themselves and others to enhance connection, attract & retain top talent, and make massive profits.

You can connect with Jeannie at https://sociatap.com/JeannieSmithHRRx and find out more about Dynamism Leadership Coaching and Consulting at https://www.dynamismleadership.com

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