What Is Catalytic Leadership?

Personal and professional growth doesn’t just happen. You don’t wake up one day and find that you are a mature and growing leader. It takes intentionality and coaching, and that’s how I can help you. You can replace your current habits (and the results they are giving you) with specific steps toward greater effectiveness and increased impact.

A catalyst is defined as “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.” A catalytic leader, then, is an agent of change. 

Every great leader I’ve ever met or learned from is a catalytic leader. They want to see significant change or action in their organization, in advancing their mission, or in developing their team and other leaders. 

I’m a catalytic leader. And for the last three decades, I’ve been a student of leadership. I’ve read every book I could get my hands on about leadership and about great leaders. I’ve read biographies about leaders in government, business, the church, non-profits, and academia. I’ve sat and learned from powerful and inspirational teachers and speakers on leadership. What a privilege it’s been to learn so much from so many varied and diverse people. 

And I want to share what I’ve learned with you, to help you grow as a leader and lead your team and organization to what you KNOW they could be achieving. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my clients say:

Without question the greatest coach I’ve ever had. Period.

I lead a group of incredible entrepreneurs (roughly 80 people) and William has taught me how to serve better than I ever have before. He’s helped me stay grounded, focus on what matters, and given me the tools to not only be a better leader, but a better husband, father, and human being.

Alex Schlinsky

Founder, Prospecting on Demand
Tampa, Florida

I can’t recommend William enough! I have been working with William weekly for the past 6 months and continue to look forward to his mindset calls every Friday afternoon.

William has an incredibly calming presence that always helps me end my workweek in a state of relaxation and clarity both on a business and personal level.

To whoever is reading this: If you are feeling overwhelmed, unclear of your business and/or personal goals, or just need to hit that reset button I would strongly encourage you work with William.

James Donovan

Owner, Nine Two Media
Toronto, Canada

Hands down a fantastic coach! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting direction, inspiration and to be a better leader themselves.

I run a growing team and have worked with William weekly for over 6 months. His sessions are insightful, thought-provoking, and calming. I’ve even introduced his ‘wins journal’ to my team and it has completely changed our weekly team meeting and morale!

If you’re wondering whether he might be the right coach for you, give him a try. You won’t regret it!

I look forward to every Friday’s mindset call with William.

Marilyn Jenkins

Founder and CEO, 
MJ Media Group LLC

William is an iron clad ship… an airproof vault.. an atomic blast of insight.

He’s the best listener I’ve ever known, and an incredible coach. If you need someone to take you to the next level, you have to work with William. He’ll make you the leader you know you need to be.

Brett Linnenkohl

CEO, Evergreen Strategic Systems
North Carolina

I’ve known William for nearly a decade and have had the opportunity to not only benefit from and see him at work in the lives of others as leader and teacher, but also see him live out impeccable character throughout. He is a tremendous source of wisdom and understands how to put servant leadership into action.

David Canady

Cyber Network Defense Manager at
Newport News Shipbuilding

William has been so helpful in my personal and professional development. Not only is he a fantastic leadership coach, but his level of insight into each person, what makes them tick, and how to unlock potential is a true gift.

Meghan Alonso, MBA

Life Science Business Development
and Commercial Strategy

Where some managers would see a lack of experience or a troubled past, William senses untapped potential and a brilliant future. You never leave a conversation with William without sensing his genuine concern and his gentle wisdom. I trust his judgment and his experience when it comes to coaching and developing a new generation of leaders.

Kevin Skillin

Counselor for Economic Affairs at
U.S. Embassy Amman