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Today’s episode of the Catalytic Leadership Podcast:

Intentional Optimism: Andrea Johnson’s Perspective on Leadership and Personal Growth

Join us on a transformational journey with special guest, Andrea Johnson, a coach and an advocate for female leaders. Andrea’s powerful story of breaking free from societal norms and embracing her abilities for critical thinking, creativity, and leadership is not only inspiring, but it prompts us all to question our own preconceived notions. From her unusual upbringing in Seoul, South Korea, to her mother’s battle with gender inequality, Andrea has gathered an array of unique experiences and insights that have shaped her perspective on life.

Andrea’s journey towards becoming an intentional optimist is rooted in personal struggle and profound transformation. Her mother’s strength in the face of gender inequality and illness has led her to redefine her beliefs and discover her voice. Imbued with the resilience of her mother and her own accumulated wisdom, Andrea shares how she cultivates a lifestyle filled with optimism, wonder, energy, courage, and resilience.

As we conclude, we turn our attention to the deeply ingrained assumptions around gender roles in leadership positions. We explore how these attitudes impact the way women are perceived and treated in the workplace. Andrea shares her insights from her years of experience and how women can unlock their leadership potential. This episode will inspire you to challenge your perceptions, redefine your path, and step into your leadership potential, regardless of your gender. Tune in for a dose of inspiration, transformation, and an enlightening conversation with Andrea Johnson.

3 Books I’m Reading This Week

Be The Unicorn: 12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest by William Vanderbloemen

Late! A Timebenders Guide to Why We Are Late and How We Can Change by Grace G. Pacie

MindShift: It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Think Like One by Erwin Raphael McManus

2 Quotes That Grabbed My Attention

“To change means to choose to change.” –John Maxwell

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” –John Wooden

1 Resource That You Might Find Helpful

Leaders with strong personalities share one major problem: the stronger their personality, the poorer the quality of the data that they receive – and the less they are aware that this is the case. In fact, most strong leaders wildly over-estimate the quality of the data they receive. Check out this great article from Les McKeown.


As we look toward 2024, many leaders are feeling overwhelmed. How can we ensure that 2024 will be different – and better – than 2023? How can you take steps to become the leader that your team and your company need you to be? It’s not just going to happen. It takes intentionality. And that’s where coaching comes in. 

As an Executive Coach specializing in Mindset and Leadership, I work with entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and C-suite leaders who want to become catalytic in their leadership. Through 1:1 coaching, they move from where they are stuck to where they want to be. 

I’m opening 4 slots for new clients. I don’t accept every person who approaches me about coaching; in fact, I turn down those who I believe are not ready or a good fit for what I do. If you’d like to explore whether Executive Coaching is your next step toward the impact you want to make, let’s talk. No hard sales pitch. If it’s not right for both of us, I’ll tell you so. My goal is to help leaders get out of their own way and stop breaking their own businesses, moving into being catalytic in their impact and their legacy. If you’re ready, book a time for us to talk


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