How can a fighter pilot mindset help you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or success-driven individual? 

This week on the podcast, William interviews Dom “Slice” Teich, who brings his fighter pilot background and applies what he’s learned to guide pilots, athletes, business owners, and students with afterburner techniques that American fighter pilots use to ensure mission completion. As an Amazon best-selling author, business owner, entrepreneur, civilian and military instructor pilot, he knows that busy individuals and teams struggle with information overload.  

Since 2002, “Slice” has guided hundreds of students toward their goals. His blueprint is called Single Seat Mindset; an impactful group of 40+ fighter pilot guides with a combined experience of 700+ years. Proven formulas and life advice is shared to the insider circle community to ensure success and big goal achievement all while avoiding overwhelm, overload, and flameout. They dive deep into the productivity world to provide guidance through short, impactful steps.

Check out Dom’s books at, and go to for the resources Dom’s offering listeners for free!

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