Today’s the first workday of the fourth quarter.

Are you ready?

What’s your plan?

Will you finish strong, pressing forward and leaving it all on the field?

Or will you coast? I mean, we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – all in the next 90 days. Not much gets done around the holidays, right?

Tony Breland over at BamaHammer writes: “The end of the third quarter brings a symbolic gesture to football stadiums all over the country. Extending their arms to the heavens, fans and players alike hold aloft four fingers, insisting the fourth quarter belongs to them. Alabama fans say the tradition began with Coach Bear Bryant, emphasizing a commitment to finishing the game strong.”

I often tell my coaching clients that you never coast to excellence. You only coast to mediocrity.

Is that how you want to end your year?

I don’t.

What’s your plan to make the fourth quarter your best quarter yet?

I’m working with my coaching clients on that. It looks different for each of them, but they are committed to fourth quarter being their best quarter yet.

Interested in that for yourself?

I’ve got a few open coaching slots available for the fourth quarter. I’d love to help you make this your best quarter ever. And I’d love to help you get ready for 2023 being your best year ever.

But that doesn’t happen without planning and consistent execution.

Don’t follow the crowd into a drifting, coasting fourth quarter.

Make a different decision.

Let’s make it the best quarter yet.

Like Alabama’s football team, commit to play the full four quarters. A full 60 minutes. No coasting.

Set up a discovery call with me here if you’re ready for a coach to help you play at your maximum level.

It’s time. It’s your quarter.

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