No, it’s not Christmas yet (though that’s coming faster than you might think).

It’s the week of the Global Leadership Summit.

I’ve attended this conference since 2000, so this is my 23rd year to learn from a different and diverse faculty of leaders who are farther down the road than I am. Every year, I am challenged, encouraged, and motivated to keep going, keep learning, and keep leading.

This is one of the conferences that is a don’t miss for me because I get so much value from it.

I have developed and grown so much as a leader because of this two day investment of time and attention every year. And the leaders I’ve taken with me to attend have attested to the value they have received from it as well.

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be sitting, listening, and taking copious notes. I’ll share some of those over the next few posts. But today, let me ask you this:

What is your INTENTIONAL plan for learning and growing as a leader?

It’s not going to just happen. You’re not going to wake up one day and say “wow, I’m a fully mature, developed leader! How’d that happen? I didn’t plan for that, but here I am!” It doesn’t work that way, for anyone.

It takes an intentional plan.

What’s yours?

I challenge you to, at least once or twice a year, put yourself in environments where you will be stretched, where you will be taught by a varied and diverse group of leaders outside your normal traffic patterns. Don’t just learn from people who look, sound, vote, and believe like you do. You can learn from ANYONE. (Sometimes you learn what not to do, but that can be incredibly valuable!)

What’s your INTENTIONAL plan for learning and growing as a leader?

What environments will you choose (and pay) to be in so that you can grow beyond where you are today?

The GLS is one of those environments for me. Find one that fits you, and make it a priority on your calendar.

Ten years from now, you’ll be glad you did.


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