DSC_0272I thoroughly enjoy receiving and reading the blog posts of pastor Carey Nieuwhof from Canada.  Carey  always makes me think and challenges me. He recently posted a link to an author I was unfamiliar with, Shane Parrish, who wrote on “What the most successful people do before breakfast.”  Wow.  Powerful, powerful article, and extremely convicting for me.  I’ve NEVER been a morning person.  On the dig earlier this year, we had to be on the bus by 7, so I was getting up at 5 so that I could have time to wake up, get ready, and eat breakfast before I had to be on the bus.  I’ve never liked mornings.  If you want to talk until midnight, I’m your guy, but 5 a.m.?  Not so much.

Parrish’s article really challenges me in this.  Recently I’ve been trying to spend at least an hour in the morning writing, and I’ve found that, just as Parrish says, I am much more mentally alert and creative in the morning.

Who’d have thought that?

So, just like with anything else in life, change is afoot.  I believe God uses change to challenge and transform us into His image, and I’m not there yet.  So I might be seeing more daybreaks in the days ahead.  Who knows – it might just make more difference than I can imagine.

Are you taking advantage of your morning’s full mental batteries and creative peak?  


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