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Contact Info:

@WilliamAttaway on Twitter

For event or booking inquiries, book review copy requests, or other inquiries, contact me via email or by phone at 703-579-7642.

Product Information:

Lead Book Cover Only 1TITLE: Lead.: Leadership Lessons from the (Not So) Minor Prophets
AUTHOR: William Attaway
RETAIL PRICE: $9.99 US (Paperback), $4.99 US (Kindle ebook)
ISBN-13: 978-0615959139
PAGES: 270


Have you ever tried to read through the Minor Prophets, but been discouraged by the difficult language, imagery, culture, and history? How can you navigate through these roadblocks and reach the revolutionary teaching within their pages?

With an eye on the practical, William Attaway explores the historical and cultural background of these books, mining them for principles that you can intentionally use in your life and leadership today. Whether you’re a church leader, a business leader, a community leader, or even a parent leading your family, the principles from the (not so) Minor Prophets can help you lead better now.


William Attaway has served in ministry for nearly two decades, and as a pastor, speaker, and author, he is passionate about communicating the unchanging truths of the Bible in relevant and practical ways that people can understand and apply.  He is the senior pastor of Southview Community Church, a church in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.) where he has served for almost ten years now.  He also teaches online undergraduate courses in Old and New Testament Survey for Itawamba Community College.  He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Old Testament and Archaeology, and he loves to read and speak about leadership and the (not so) Minor Prophets.  William is devoted to his family; he has been married to his beautiful wife Charlotte for 16 years, and they have two daughters, Erin and Allison.


“With the insight and practicality of a pastor, William makes some of the least read passages of scripture come alive. His compelling and inspiring directives, along with the key points of application, will motivate you toward worship, obedience and a keen awareness of how deeply your heavenly Father loves you. We sometimes forget the hidden yet powerful truths of these brief books in the middle of our Bibles. That’s about to change! William has been passionate about “majoring on the Minors” for over a decade…and I believe his passion for God, God’s desires, and God’s people reflected in the practical words of a pastor will impact your life!”

Jeff Young, Minister of Spiritual Development

Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas



“It does not require much experience in local church ministry to realize that many believers live in approximately a third of their Bibles; most of that in the New Testament. Having engaged in countless conversations with the author about this very topic, I am thrilled that his mind for biblical truth and his passion for the prophets are now available for other leaders as well. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for its breadth of insight and poignancy, as it speaks as clearly to ministry today as did the prophets in theirs. Read with pen in hand and take copious notes. It will be a tool for years to come.”

Mike Watson, Pastor of Adult Discipleship
First Baptist Church Concord, Knoxville, Tennessee



“Having worked in leadership positions in churches for over 20 years, both part time and full time, I wish I had read this book earlier in my career. In this book, William Attaway has managed to find and point out valuable leadership lessons from some of those clean white pages in the Bible that we rarely touch. I have never looked at the Minor Prophets from this perspective. I know the points William has made will be beneficial to me as a leader and in my own personal walk with Christ. My only disappointment with this text was when it ended and I realized I had been reading volume 1. Now I’m looking forward to volume 2.”

–Shawn Stinson, Minister of Music & Outreach
Northside Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama

Twitter Posts:

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Press Release:


Herndon, Virginia (March 2014) Believing that every leader can grow and become better at leadership, a local pastor is tackling books that many Christians tend to ignore in the Bible, bringing out leadership principles and lessons for leaders of any type – in business, church, community, or even by parents leading their families.

Titled LEAD.: Leadership Lessons from the (Not So) Minor Prophets, the book explores six of the so called “Minor” Prophets and unpacks leadership lessons that any leader can use now, no matter the size of their church or organization.

The 270-page work is the first from William Attaway, who serves as the senior pastor of Southview Community Church in Herndon, Virginia.  Written over a period of four years, the book is the first of two volumes that will explore leadership lessons from all twelve of the Minor Prophets.

“My purpose,” says Attaway, “is to explain the history, culture, and context of these books while mining some of the timeless leadership principles in them that can help us lead better.”

LEAD.: Leadership Lessons from the (Not So) Minor Prophets will be released on April 8, 2014 on in both paperback and Kindle ebook format. Quantity discounts are available to groups and organizations. You may also order signed copies at To learn more, call 703-579-7642 or visit


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