Andy Stanley was the final speaker at this year’s Global Leadership Summit, and he did NOT disappoint. Andy is the Founder and Lead Pastor of North Point Ministries, a Best selling author, and the host of Your Move with Andy Stanley. He also hosts a monthly leadership podcast which is well worth your time. Here are a few of my notes and takeaways from Andy’s talk:

  • Church leaders, when we pick up the weapons of the world, we’ve already lost.
  • The church always looks better when we are fighting for other people’s rights rather than our own.
  • Remember, Jesus did not come to BE served, but TO serve.
  • The number one enemy of the church is disunity.
  • Actions speak louder than words, but reactions speak louder than either.
  • Our reactions proclaim our confidence in God.
  • When things don’t go our way, when someone gets in the way, too many Christians react like everyone else and put their Christianity away.
  • You get to choose if you will follow Jesus. You do NOT get to choose what that looks like, sounds like, or reacts like. It looks like Jesus.

So, so good. His talk was from his newest book, Not In It To Win It. I read this book earlier this year, and it’s a home run. If you lead in the church, you need to read this. If you are a follower of Jesus, you need to read this. The principles are church-centered, but truly any leader can learn much about integrity and leadership from Andy.


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