NCThis week we’ve taken some time for R&R, and it’s been a very restful week.  My oldest daughter’s at Beta Club leadership camp for the first time, while Charlotte, my youngest daughter, and I came to North Carolina, where we are enjoying the generosity of some great friends who’ve invited us to stay in their home while they’re away.  The view in this photo is of the mountains as seen from their back porch. For me, few things are as relaxing as looking at the mountains.  It’s truly one of my favorite places to be.

Rest is SO important in life, and no less so for those in leadership.  In fact, if you’re a leader and you’re not regularly practicing rest/sabbath, realize that it WILL catch up with you eventually.  You are not designed to run and run and run with no downtime!  This is why God gave us the tremendous gift of sabbath rest.  And unfortunately, it’s one I’ve not taken the time to enjoy far too often in my life.

Sabbath should never be seen as one more “to do” on our list. Instead, it should be seen as a gift from the hand of the One who created us, who knows how He designed us and wired us. In the past, my view of sabbath rest was skewed.  I thought it was just laziness, or a luxury for those who could “afford” to take the time to rest. It’s neither. Sabbath is a gift from our Heavenly Father, and to neglect it is to neglect a gift from Him.

I find that when I am rested, I make better decisions. I don’t rush to judgment as quickly. I am more prone to listen. I think through situations more clearly. And the same could be true for you as well.

Don’t get me wrong. When I’m working, I unashamedly work hard – that’s what leaders do. But I’m also learning the immense benefits of regularly and intentionally enjoying the gift of rest that our Heavenly Father has given to us.

Are you intentional about your times of rest? In what environment do you find it easiest to find a restful frame of mind? 


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