I’m a little overdue for an update, so here goes…

I’m still in Jordan, in the fourth and last week of this season’s dig at Tall el-Hammam.  What a great experience this has been!  I’ve learned a ton, and gotten some great experience as a square supervisor.  I attended a nine and a half hour pottery reading work session last Friday, where the hundreds of pottery diagnostics that have been found in the field are “read” by several of the dig staff and designated into their proper dating.  I picked up some great insights and tips on that, and I look forward to getting better at reading pottery from the ancient Levant one day.

We’ve had some awesome lectures in the evenings here too.  Dr. Steve Collins, Dr. John Moore, Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, and tonight Dr. Amihai Mazar.  I’m taking lots of notes – what a lecture faculty it’s been!

Wednesday will be my last day on the dig, so between now and then I’ll be finishing the paperwork that is required for each square I’m supervising and then getting ready to leave early Thursday morning for London.  I’ll be spending time there beginning the research to (hopefully) nail down the topic for my dissertation.

I miss Charlotte and the girls a LOT, and I’m looking forward to seeing them soon – every day is one day closer!

On my days off here during the last two weeks, I’ve been to see the Apostles Church and St. Luke’s Church in Madaba (both with beautiful mosaic floors dating back to the 6th century AD), Machaerus, church floor mosaics from the 6th century at Um er-Rasas, a square tower near there used by the stylite monks, and the Wadi Arnon. This is truly a beautiful country, rich with history and biblical sites.  I’m growing fond of several Jordanian dishes, including um ali (like a bread pudding), lamb, shawarma (like a grilled chicken wrap), and falafel wrapped in a pita.  The people here continue to be incredibly hospitable and warm, and it’s been great to get to know them.

That’s about it for me – I’m continuing to pray for the folks at Southview, knowing that the pastoral staff and Elders are doing a great job and pressing on with the work that God’s given us.  I’m looking forward to being back with you soon!  I’d appreciate your prayers that I am able to get to London with no baggage issues, and that I make it to my appointment Friday morning with the Egyptology Librarian at the British Museum Library.  Thanks y’all – till next time!





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