Here’s an update on what’s been happening with me the last few weeks…

I finished out my fourth week in Jordan working on the archaeological dig at Tall el-Hammam.  Four weeks of hard work, lots of paperwork, and a tremendous amount of learning.  Plus I made some great new friends from around the US and the world!  I’m still unpacking so much of what I saw, heard, and learned during my time in Jordan.  What a tremendous experience and blessing to be a part of this!  I’ve shared some pics on my Facebook profile, and will be working on a presentation to share with Southviewers after I get back.

I left Jordan and flew to London, where I spent 5 days doing some research and reading at the British Museum’s Ancient Egypt and Sudan Library and Middle Eastern Library.  The staff in both libraries were very accommodating and helpful, and I was able to narrow my focus and question in a way that will help me as I put together my dissertation proposal in the coming month.  I also spent an entire day going through the British Museum with a book called Through the British Museum with the Bible, looking specifically at their exhibits and holdings that relate to the Old and New Testament texts.  Fascinating and insightful to be sure!

I flew back to Dulles from London and got to pray over Patrick with Betty and Rose.  Patrick’s been very ill – please keep him in your prayers as well.  I spent a few days recovering from jet lag, a bout of dehydration, and a CT scan (that’s a story for another day), and then headed south to Mississippi to reunite with Charlotte and the girls.  They’ve been staying with Charlotte’s mom while I’ve been out of the country, and it’s been wonderful to get to spend time with them and reconnect.  I’ve been doing some homeschool reading with them since I got here, and have been amazed at how much they’ve grown in just 8 weeks!

I’m continuing my read through the ESV Bible (on YouVersion) during sabbatical plan and am on track to finish prior to my return to Southview on March 30.

I’m now revising the Lead. book manuscript with all the edits from the proofreading that happened while I was in Jordan and London – still shooting for a late March/early April release date on that.

I’m looking forward to being back at Southview and seeing so many friends – it’s been great to pull aside during this season, and it’s going to be great to be home too.  Thanks so much for all your prayers for rest, refreshing, and replenishment – they’ve surely been answered and continue to be.




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