Earlier this week, I celebrated a birthday, and as such events can do, it has caused me to reflect a bit.  This is the last year I’ll be in my thirties, and as I look around my life, I find that there are complexities everywhere.  Over the last month, I’ve been staring more and more at a sign on my office wall that I put there four or five years ago – it says simply ‘SIMPLIFY.’ As I’ve been thinking about what that means and what it looks like at this stage in my life, I encountered a new book by one of my favorite writers, Bill Hybels, titled (you guessed it) Simplify.

Typically I read fairly quickly, but this book is “chewy” – I’m spending far more time than usual mentally digesting and processing the contents.  I can already tell this is going to be a book I recommend and refer to frequently.  It speaks volumes to the pace of life in our day and the need to intentionally choose to simplify.  What does that look like for me?  What does it look like for you?  Hybels’ insights will help us to make decisions that don’t just affect today, but the coming years and decades of our lives. This has significant implications for self-leadership, which will then impact organizational leadership. Get this book, read it, and learn how to practice one of the least utilized spiritual disciplines.


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