STRATA Planning Process
Guided by Dr. William Attaway

STRATA Planning Process Guided by Dr. William Attaway
In our 90 minute session together, here is what we’ll create for you:
Deliverable #1: Your CORE defined

Who do you want to be as a business owner or leader?

How can your business or career be the engine that powers the life you want to live instead of your life being held captive by your work?

We’ll help you achieve laser-like clarity on what values matter most, how YOU are wired and define success, and what your path should consist of in order to move toward YOUR goals.

Deliverable #2: Your Catalytic Leadership Profile

We’ll give you a profile that will help you to lead based on your leadership wiring, not someone else’s definition of who you should be or how you should lead. This will help you lead more consistently and effectively, with alignment to who you are, for the rest of your life.

Deliverable #3: Next Twelve Month Roadmap

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We’ll help you to define a roadmap that you can follow for the next twelve months that is in alignment with your CORE definitions and goals.

Deliverable #4: 90-Day Clear Minded Focus Execution Plan

Once you have all of these items, you’ll need to prioritize your focus. What should your next 90 days look like? What should you focus on first?

We’ll give you an execution plan (for moving forward) that will keep you from wondering what to work on first or next. You’ll know because you pre-defined and pre-decided in our time together.

Once you have these four deliverables, you have three options:

1) Take the execution plan and execute it yourself.

2) Have someone else help you execute the plan.

3) If we mutually agree, begin a 1:1 coaching engagement with Dr. William Attaway to execute your plan and adjust as needed along the way.

The STRATA Planning Process is a 90 minute Zoom session with Dr. William Attaway. At the end of this time, you WILL have greater clarity and a plan.
Nothing changes until you change it – so let’s get you ready for your best year yet!