us-flagOccasionally someone sends me an article to read that they think I’ll like or be challenged by.  My top result in the StrengthsFinder survey was INPUT, so I’m always reading and collecting.  Take a minute or two and read this post:


After going to two countries in the developing world during the last three years (Rwanda in 2011 and Colombia in 2013), I understand this better than I would have before those two trips.  I have seen poverty; I have smelled poverty (yes, it has a distinct smell).  And every time I’ve been overseas and seen it, I have been reminded in a fresh way what the above reference blog post speaks to.

Reading David Platt’s book Radical will challenge you in this.  It surely did me.

“I think with the way we have unprecedented material blessing, with the way we have a culture built on self, self-esteem, self-confidence. All of these things we begin to twist the gospel into something that it is not. We make it look like us and fit into our lifestyle instead of adjusting our lifestyle to the gospel. In the process we make following Jesus more American than it is biblical. As a result there seems to be a major disconnect between what it means to follow Christ in the first century and what it means to follow Christ in our definition in the 21st century.” –David Platt

We HAVE to get this right.  The church in America must wake up.  And the church is me.  And you (if you’re a follower of Jesus).

I’m challenged by this.  And I’m thinking more and more about what it means to wake up from the American Dream.

What do you think about this?  Can one truly follow Christ and chase the American Dream at the same time?


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