CatalystLeader_LargeCVRToday is the release date for Brad Lomenick’s new book The Catalyst Leader.  Brad is the CEO of Catalyst and has spent the last 10 years pouring into young and emerging leaders through that ministry.  I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of this book, and I have to say – this is one of the best leadership books I’ve come across.  Listen in Brad’s own words:


What is the Catalyst Leader about? The Catalyst Leader lays out the eight essentials for becoming a change maker. The traits that I believe one must develop in order to become a change maker, and ultimately a Catalyst Leader. I hope this book will provide practical leadership answers for a new generation of aspiring leaders who are looking for answers and solutions, and not just leadership theory. It’s a practical guide for leading now, and leading well, serving as a leadership handbook for the next generation of leaders in our country. The book presents the key essentials that I believe will define our generation’s ability to influence over the next 20-25 years, laying out what it means to be a Catalyst in this generation. The Catalyst Leader is packed with a combination of candid interviews with thought leaders, research with the core leadership community, and overall leadership best practices. A rising generation of leaders need to be equipped for the task of leadership.


Who do you hope to impact with, “The Catalyst Leader?” All leaders, but specifically those in the first half of their vocation life. I’m writing specifically to the called-but-not-yet-equipped leader. Young leaders (primarily in their 20’s and 30’s) who are called and passionate hopefuls who want to change the world but are unequipped, and need tools and a roadmap for how to get that done. I want to help me. I’m in the same boat as leaders I’m writing this book for. I am a called but not yet equipped leader. I desire to be a true change maker, and ultimately a Catalyst leader, but I know I fall short constantly. So I’ve written this book really for me and my peers, and ultimately my generation. This book is for anyone that leads, but the strike zone is a 35 yr old senior manager, church planter or senior pastor, innovator or entrepreneur. Take Jim, who runs a 2 million dollar small business with 20 employees. He needs someone to help him Lead well now. He’s trying to figure out how to lead with courage, to be a collaborator. Take my friend Shawn, who leads a thriving social innovation company. He’s grown from 5 employees to 50 in the past year, and wrestling with how best to manage his staff of 20 somethings. Take Hannah, a 23 year old recent college graduate who is struggling with trying to figure out what God has called her to. Take my friend James, leading a growing church in downtown Chicago, has board members who are difficult to manage and tension between his older staff and younger more progressive and innovative staff.


When you say, “Lead Well, Lead Now,” what do you mean? Many of us are leading now, but not necessarily leading well. The question isn’t how do we lead now, because so many young leaders have stepped into roles that they just don’t have the wisdom and experience for. It’s ultimately how do we lead now, and lead well. And finishing well means starting well. Only through leading well now can one finish well later. Your legacy depends on your present leadership. As I’ve dialogued with young leaders over the last several years, the common characteristic I’m finding is the desire to lead NOW. They’re embarking on creative projects, starting new organizations, writing books, excelling in large corporations, and creating causes that are solving some of the world’s leading problems. They aren’t willing to climb the ladder, or wait their turn. They want to catapult immediately into positions of influence. Energetic and passionate, these young next generation leaders want to jump in and make a difference now. They are not willing to wait. These issues aren’t new. Been around forever for anyone in leadership. But, we have some realities converging. Generation leading early, and a generation not ready to lead.    WE have a new generation of leaders emerging in our country. Called but not Equipped generation. Never before have so many been required to step into positions of leadership. Passionate and ready to change the world. But need a practical guide on what it looks like to lead well now. The aren’t ready generation of leaders are in the seats of influence and need tools to help them. I have countless friends who are hungry to change the world, but if not careful will end up in the ditch along with their entire team. Reality is, they are already leading now.


Brad’s 8 essentials for becoming a catalyst change maker are simply outstanding.  I’d highly recommend this book to you and your team – and if you know a young leader, this is a perfect gift of encouragement for them.  You can get your copies here. today.



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