I wrote earlier this week about a talk I heard at the Global Leadership Summit by Craig Groeschel. Today I want to share another part of his talk – the power of focus.

  • The greatest enemy of success is not a lack of opportunity, but a lack of FOCUS
  • Is our current use of resources bringing about the best return?
  • Think in terms of Tiers:
    • Tier 1 – absolutely mission critical
    • Tier 2 – very important and strategic
    • Tier 3 – meaningful but not essential
    • Tier 4 – externally initiated and often a lower priority
  • Tier your activities and FOCUS
    • DO Tier 1 and 2
    • Be very selective about what Tier 3 things you spend time and resources on
    • Tier 4 are things someone else asked you to do, and you never change the world here
  • The essence of great leadership is choosing what NOT to do
  • Ask yourself: if you started over today, would you take on this project/client/initiative? If no, why are you doing it?
  • We don’t change the world by doing good things; we focus on doing the best things
  • Lead like it matters. It’s what great leaders do.

Really great words by Craig here. As you think about your own leadership, do you prioritize using a method similar to the tier system above?

I’ve discovered over the decades that everyone else has a wonderful plan for your life, and if you don’t learn how to say no to most of the requests that come your way, you will quickly find yourself with no margin or ability to do what it is that only you can do.

The tier system is a method for determining what you say no to. Every time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to at least one other thing.

Be intentional about what you say YES and NO to. Great leaders say NO far more often than they say YES. That’s the power of focus.

How do you determine and maintain your focus and priorities?


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