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This week’s episodes of the Catalytic Leadership Podcast:

(THAT’S RIGHT! We’re now releasing two episodes a week as we celebrate ListenNotes ranking us in the top 3% of podcasts worldwide and our 100th episode last month!)

The Road to Six-Figure Success: Chris Anderson’s Journey in Video, Podcasting, and AI

Ever wondered how a pivot from sports to the entrepreneurial fast lane could lead to a six-figure triumph during a pandemic? Join me as I sit down with Chris Anderson, the dynamo behind Elevate Media Group, who shares his riveting transformation story. Chris dives into how he embraced video and podcasting to amplify the impact of businesses worldwide, and how his initial tech hesitancy became a powerful tool in his clients’ arsenals. We peel back the layers of building trust through digital content, especially as the world of AI and virtual interactivity reshapes our daily lives.

Strap in as we navigate the potent world of live streaming, where raw human connection meets the strategic business growth. I reveal my foray into LinkedIn live events and the astonishing surge in audience engagement that followed. Chris and I brainstorm the eventual fusion of AI into everyday activities, from shopping to schooling, and share starter tips for live streaming that can catapult your brand from humble beginnings to online stardom. It’s all about the authenticity that sets your signal ablaze in the crowded digital noise.

We’re not just talking tech and trends; at the heart of our discussion lies the golden thread of consistency. By adhering to a regular podcasting schedule, we underscore how pivotal this discipline is for audience retention and content expansion. We explore monetizing podcasts without sacrificing guest value and dive into the personal growth that comes from absorbing the insights of thought leaders.

Entrepreneurial Resilience: Navigating Challenges, Building Teams, and Balancing Life with JC Hite

When JC Hite joins us, he brings along the roller coaster narrative of an entrepreneur who’s seen both the giddy heights of early success and the gut-wrenching drops of financial turmoil. His journey isn’t just a series of business anecdotes; it’s a heartfelt exploration of how aligning one’s deepest values with their professional drive can become the cornerstone of not just a successful company, but a fulfilling life. As JC opens up about the crucial pivot from his pre-entrepreneurial days in real estate to creating the values-driven Hite International, the conversation evolves into a compelling analysis of life’s unexpected turns and the resilience they demand.

The road of entrepreneurship is fraught with the need for discipline as much as innovation, a balancing act that JC dissects with precision. Hear the insights on how monotonous processes are the backbone of a thriving business and how essential the right team is to bolster a founder’s vision. This episode goes beyond the boardroom and touches on the cultural fabric of our lives, discussing the influence of multigenerational households and the intentional effort required to weave together a vibrant family life alongside business pursuits. JC’s personal anecdotes offer a living case study of the complexities involved in maintaining that delicate equilibrium.

Finally, our conversation pivots to the enduring topic of legacy – what it means to leave a mark that outlasts material achievements. JC’s reflections on mentorship, lifelong learning, and the wisdom of ‘E-Myth’ by Michael G. Gerber and ‘EntreLeadership’ by Dave Ramsey for aspiring entrepreneurs provide a roadmap for those eager to craft a meaningful footprint.

3 Books I’m Reading This Week

High Road Leadership: Bringing People Together in a World That Divides by John C. Maxwell

Winning Begins at Home: A Strategy to Win beyond Work―A Leadership Parable by Randy Gravitt

Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection by Charles Duhigg

2 Quotes That Grabbed My Attention

“I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening. I never learned anything while I was talking.” –Larry King

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” –Albert Einstein

1 Resource That You Might Find Helpful

I’ve mentioned before that I switched CRMs last year to HighLevel. It’s an amazing platform, and has saved me thousands of dollars from the other service providers that HighLevel replaced in my business. But optimizing HighLevel is a significant commitment of time – and the question I often ask clients is what I ask myself first: “is this the best use of my time right now?” Leverazging HighLevel at a high level (see what I did there?) takes someone who knows what they’re doing. And that’s why I chose Brand Lyft Marketing to help my business.

Shawn, Javi, and the team at Brand Lyft Marketing have been absolutely astounding to work with. They say they pride themselves in first-in-class HighLevel services and consulting, and my experience confirms that. They’ve been in the HighLevel ecosystem since 2019, and that experience is reflected in their expertise and commitment to excellence. They serve agencies, franchises, and businesses who want to use the HighLevel engine to grow their business and simplify their operations through A.I. and automations. I highly recommend them if you want to maximize HighLevel and grow your business. Book a call with them today at https://brandlyft.io/book-a-call-page/.


Has this year been different so far from last year? Or more of the same? Are you breaking old habits and sticking with new ones?

How can you get out of your own way and take steps to become the leader that your team and your company need you to be? It’s not just going to happen. It takes intentionality. And that’s where coaching comes in.

As an Executive Coach specializing in Mindset and Leadership, I work with entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and C-suite leaders who want to become catalytic in their leadership. Through 1:1 coaching, my clients move from where they are (stuck) to where they want to be.

For May, I currently have availability to take on 2 new clients. I don’t accept every person who approaches me about coaching; in fact, I turn down those who I believe are not ready or a good fit for what I do. If you’d like to explore whether Executive Coaching is your next step toward the impact you want to make, let’s talk. No hard sales pitch. If it’s not right for both of us, I’ll tell you so. My goal is to help leaders get out of their own way, stop breaking their own businesses and teams, and move into being catalytic in their impact and their legacy. If you’re ready, book a time for us to talk.


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