photo_6442_20080630I’m on the road today with a friend of mine heading back from preaching an out of state funeral for a good friend who passed away last week. We’ve had a lot of drive time during this trip to talk, and as will invariably happen to leaders, the topic has gone often to the topic of leadership.  It’s reminded me once again of the value of leaders pouring into each other, learning from one another and listening more than we talk.  I’ve grown as a leader over the last few days, and while I’d surely rather not have had this reason for the trip, God has used it to invest in me through the words of my friend.

I’m curious – how many of you regularly and intentionally calendar time to be with, learn from, and invest in other leaders talking about leadership issues, challenges, decisions, and learnings?

I think it’s critical in the life of a growing, learning leader.


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