How Do You Discover Your Own Voice?

What are the benefits of having a podcast manager?

How do you avoid pod-fade? 

This week on the podcast, William interviews Kristin Chadwick.  Kristin has been in the podcasting industry since 2016 helping coaches, authors, and influencers launch and grow their podcast and expand their business. She brings a unique, personalized approach through utilizing coaching tools to help bring alignment, purpose, and intention to their podcast.  She also hosts two of her own podcasts – Wholistic Podcasting for Podcasters and Wholistic Hearts – a podcast to help people encounter the heart of Jesus through the art of using our imagination.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, Kristin would love to connect with you for a free 30 minute consultation.  Or if you already have a podcast and would like some feedback, clarity, and vision, set up an hour Podcast Session with her. Go to to book with Kristin today!

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The Catalytic Leadership Podcast teaches leadership principles and best practices for personal growth, communication, professional development, productivity, and your success at work and in life.

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