What can we learn about leadership from the Happiest Place on Earth? 

The first time Jeff Barnes visited Disneyland, he hated it. The experience just wasn’t for him, and he couldn’t imagine coming back to ride a ride or have an ice cream cone on Main Street.

But after a chance encounter with the life story of Walt Disney, Jeff’s mind was forever changed about the man and the kingdom he created. He fell in love with Disneyland and became a forever-fan of the man who built an empire based on a loveable mouse.

This week on the podcast, William interviews Jeffrey Barnes, a Walt Disney historian and the author of two bestselling books, The Wisdom of Walt and Life Lessons from Walt, each capturing the details of this entertainment legend’s life and the lessons his successes and failures can teach us all.

A motivational speaker and workshop presenter, Jeff channels his love for Disney into engaging live and virtual experience for audiences, helping them learn life’s greatest lessons and discover the foundation of the magical destinations that are loved around the world.

When he’s not giving a personal tour of a Disney park, you’ll find Jeff exploring local ice cream shops or traveling throughout the United States visiting friends.

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