What is the “Swizzle” and how can it help you creatively solve problems?

This week on the podcast, William interviews Emily Sander, a C-Suite Executive and Founder of Next Level Coaching. As an ICF-Certified Coach, she guides clients towards new perspectives that enable them to adapt and evolve as leaders.

From being part of the testing team for the first Kindle device, to being part of a 6-person startup, to building a global client management team from scratch, Emily has a lot of leadership experience we can learn from today. In her 15 years of experience, across both Fortune 500 & startup companies, she has seen high-pressure work environments make or break a leader. She is currently serving as Chief of Staff for the CEO and the leadership team, and is the author of the book, Hacking Executive Leadership.

To connect with Emily, visit www.nextlevel.coach, and check out her book, Hacking Executive Leadership, on Amazon.

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