What is the DISC profile and how can it help you lead your team better than ever before?

This week on the podcast, William interviews Dave Molenda, the founder of Positive Polarity, who grew his start-up business into a $10 Million company before selling it. He now passes the principles of his success onto his clients so that they too can succeed and grow.

Dave is also a #1 Amazon Best Seller of the book, Growing On Purpose: The Formula to Strengthen Your Team AND Improve Your Customer Experience. In his book, Dave brings together extensive business experience to show readers how to combine team strength (achieved through intentional communication) and positive, individualized customer experiences to achieve a fully engaged business.

You can connect with Dave at www.positivepolarity.com, to learn more about coaching, listen to the Positive Polarity Podcast or check out his #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Growing on Purpose

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The Catalytic Leadership Podcast teaches leadership principles and best practices for personal growth, communication, professional development, productivity, and your success at work and in life.

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