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This week’s episode of the Catalytic Leadership Podcast:

Unleashing the Power of Local Growth: Ross McDaniel’s Insights on Leadership and Business Transformation

Experience the thrill of growing your business to new heights as we sit down with Ross McDaniel, a seasoned growth strategist and founder of FencePost and the Local Growth Formula Resource. Ross takes us on a captivating journey through his leadership evolution and unwavering dedication to community development. His profound understanding of local growth formulas that successfully connect leading home service businesses with potential customers is nothing short of inspiring. 

This episode also explores the importance of leveraging the diverse skills of team members, fostering leadership traits, and embracing challenges for the betterment of the community. From establishing a system for receiving calls and gathering reviews from satisfied clients to the significance of continual skill enhancement, Ross leaves no stone unturned. We also bring in the benefits of seeking outside perspectives through annual reviews and business coaches. So, gear up to tap into your leadership potential, conquer challenges, and transform your business growth trajectory. 

3 Books I’m Reading This Week

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

The Trusted Advisor: 20th Anniversary Edition by David Maister

Make Sales Magical: Close More Deals Faster and at Higher Prices by Craig Andrews

2 Quotes That Grabbed My Attention

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” –Ginni Rometty, former executive chairman and CEO, IBM

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” –Henry Ford

1 Resource That You Might Find Helpful

“Many people assume, both inside and outside of the workplace, that we can’t empathize with others unless we’ve experienced similar circumstances ourselves. However, empathy is about understanding the emotional experience of a situation, not necessarily relating to the situation itself.” Check out this article by Payal Beri with some interesting data about empathetic leadership. 


As we look toward 2024, many leaders are feeling overwhelmed. How can we ensure that 2024 will be different – and better – than 2023? How can you take steps to become the leader that your team and your company need you to be? It’s not just going to happen. It takes intentionality. And that’s where coaching comes in.

As an Executive Coach specializing in Mindset and Leadership, I work with entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and C-suite leaders who want to become catalytic in their leadership. Through 1:1 coaching, they move from where they are stuck to where they want to be.

I currently have 2 slots for new clients. I don’t accept every person who approaches me about coaching; in fact, I turn down those who I believe are not ready or a good fit for what I do. If you’d like to explore whether Executive Coaching is your next step toward the impact you want to make, let’s talk. No hard sales pitch. If it’s not right for both of us, I’ll tell you so. My goal is to help leaders get out of their own way, stop breaking their own businesses and teams, and move into being catalytic in their impact and their legacy. If you’re ready, book a time for us to talk.


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