Empowering Women Entrepreneurship: Embracing a CEO Mindset and Mastering Technical Hiring with Toccara Karizma

Empowering Women Entrepreneurship: Embracing a CEO Mindset and Mastering Technical Hiring with Toccara Karizma


In this episode of the Catalytic Leadership Podcast, we delve into the dynamic realm of women entrepreneurship with Toccara Karizma. Join us as she shares her inspiring journey, insights on adopting a CEO mindset, and strategies for mastering technical hiring.

About This Episode:

Ready to unlock the secrets of e-commerce success and empower women entrepreneurship? Renowned digital marketing expert, Toccara Karizma, joins us to share her incredible journey from launching a wholesale baby clothing business in 2007 to building a thriving digital marketing agency, Karisma Marketing. Toccara offers a heartfelt look at her life as a single mom and business leader, while also shining a light on the challenges female founders face in securing venture capital funding. Her story is one of resilience, inspiration, and a passionate commitment to uplifting women in business.

Ever wondered how to find the best technical talent for your team? This episode is packed with actionable strategies to master the hiring process for technical roles like SEO specialists. From creating crystal-clear job postings to implementing competency quizzes and structured interviews, we break down each step to ensure you attract and retain top-tier candidates. By focusing on detailed skill assessments and scrutinizing resumes for real-world experience, you’ll gain the insights needed to streamline your hiring process and build an elite team.

Shifting from solopreneur to CEO mindset is no easy feat, but it’s essential for business growth. Toccara and I discuss the transformative power of hiring and delegating tasks, sharing personal anecdotes that highlight the emotional and strategic challenges of expanding your team. We also delve into the importance of continuous learning and adaptability, with recommendations for impactful books and the value of mentorship. This episode is your guide to embracing change, fostering a growth mindset, and achieving lasting success in the dynamic world of business.

To connect with Toccara Karizma, visit karizmamarketing.com or connect with her on social media.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurship: Embracing a CEO Mindset and Mastering Technical Hiring with Toccara Karizma

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